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Black. More than power! 1

BLACK is the undisputed number 1 on the energy drinks market in Poland*. Signed by Mike Tyson is the personification of success, effectiveness and strength. BLACK does not accept compromises because the victory is in the blood. It is conquering new markets gaining recognition among consumers all over the world. Young, active, self-confident people reach for BLACKA, which provides them with a strong energetic impulse, inspiring for further action. Together with Mike Tyson we prove that everyone can be successful and find himself in the world of BLACK. Beautiful women, luxury cars, power and respect - dreams come true with us.

Black. More than power!
Black. More than power! 1
Black. More than power! 2
Black. More than power! 3
Black. More than power! 4
4MOVE „The best trainers recommend” 1

4MOVE portfolio includes isotonic and vitamin drinks that quickly quench thirst, effectively hydrate the body, complement the vitamins and minerals lost during exercise. They are created for people who like active lifestyle, practice sport professionally or recreationally. 4MOVE is chosen and recommended by the best TRAINERS IN THE WORLD. The brand awakens in people their internal trainer, who motivates them to work on themselves continuingly, in life and in sport. The famous trainers recommendation is crucial – they are the greatest authority for professional athletes and for people active on a daily basis.

4MOVE „The best trainers recommend”
4MOVE „The best trainers recommend” 1
4MOVE „The best trainers recommend” 2
4MOVE „The best trainers recommend” 3
4MOVE „The best trainers recommend” 4

Full of fruits FRUGO is a unique combination of original taste with pure joy and unlimited freedom. Prepared from juices, purees and fruit concentrates, without sweeteners, artificial additives and preservatives FRUGO is a fruity wave of memories for those who remember the drink from years ago and a colorful field of experiments for the generation that will reach for it for the first time.

GELLWE – love it! 1

Gellwe is an expert in fulfilling the sweetest caprises and desires. Thanks to a wide portfolio for the whole family, it helps to create a world of warmth and closeness, where everyone will find something for themselves: from delicious desserts: puddings and jellies, wonderful Sweet Cups with pieces of fruits, through delicious cakes (hot and cold), until for aromatic hot chocolate and a delicious cappuccino with milk and fluffy foam. Consumers appreciate not only the excellent taste of Gellwe's products, but also the fact that they are made of the best ingredients, without preservatives and artificial additives.

GELLWE – love it!
GELLWE – love it! 4
Fitella – always with you! 1

Fitella is a line of modern products created for young and active women who value a healthy lifestyle. Fitella products are not only healthy and tasty, but also available in convenient and handy packaging. Fitella is very popular brand among consumers. Products available on the market: whole wheat grain cereal with fiber and no added sugar (Fitella Zero), unique flavor variants of whole grain cereals with extra large pieces of fruits (Fitella Special), rich in fiber oat flakes with milk and crispy , full of fruits pieces and unique flavours Fitella Muesli, offered in small portions.

Fitella – always with you!
Fitella – always with you! 1
Fitella – always with you! 2
Fitella – always with you! 3
N-GINE – real ride is just beginning! 1

N-Gine is an energy drink designed especially for fans of driving and dizzying speeds in everyday life. As a brand strongly rooted in the masculine world of motorization, it is the essential fuel in the daily race to the finish line. When you live fast and have to constantly compete for the first place, the special power is needed. This type of turbo speed is provided by N-Gine - with it every race starts on the pole position.

N-GINE – real ride is just beginning!
N-GINE – real ride is just beginning! 1