FoodCare takes over Ostromecko Mineral Water company
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The FoodCare company (owner of Gellwe, Fitella, Frugo, 4Move, Black and N-gine brands), have bought recently the Ostromecko Mineral Waters company, which produces beverages and mineral waters that are sold under the following brands: Ostromecko and Arca North.

The initiator of the purchase was CEO Wiesław Włodarski, who has been looking for a mineral water brand that he could introduce to the polish market. Ostromecko water has a huge potential, due to its mineral properties, as well as the efficiency of the source itself.

Since 1991, Ostromecko Mineral Waters has belonged to Leszek Bukieja. Previously it was owned by the cooperative, whose roots date back to the sixteenth century. Exploitation of the source began in 1894. Ostromecko water flows directly from the source located in the strict reservation - the Marian Forest. Water has the unique taste due to the rare composition of mineral salts, created by nature. Ostromecko water is a product from the Premium segment. Currently, it is mainly available in hotels and restaurants. FoodCare plans its wider distribution based on the sales channels, previously developed by our company. The old packaging will be changed and the water will compete with such brands as Cisowianka Perlage or San Pellegrino. The purchase of Ostromecko water fits in the healthy lifestyle trend which FoodCare has been following for a long time. It is certainly an important stage in the company's development history, because thanks to this acquisition, we are entering a new, very promising market segment.