Foodcare Calendar

1984 – foundation of Gellwe, a manufacturer of desserts based on traditional recipes


1986 – 1989 - Gellwe gradually expands its dessert products portfolio by adding items such instant cakes, icings, creams, baking additives, jellies and other powdered products (cocoa, hot chocolate, etc.)


1990 – expansion of Gellwe’s products into international markets begins


1997 – the company expands with a construction of a modern factory and HQ’s in Zabierzów


2002 – the production unit is being enlarged with a modern logistics centre


2003 – the company decides to extend its products portfolio by adding energy drinks and launches TIGER Tiger Energy Drink


2007 – Gellwe successfully adds a new category to its portfolio - single-portion muesli sachets under the Fitella brand


2008 – the company changes its name from Gellwe to Foodcare


2010 - 2011 – the portfolio of FoodCare is extended by addition of new energy drinks brands (BLACK, N-GINE) and the 4MOVE isotonic drink


2011 – FoodCare enters another drinks segment - fruit drinks with a re-launch of a Polish cult brand FRUGO




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