FoodCare History

History of FoodCare (initially Gellwe) began in 1984 with production of desserts based on traditional recipes. Most of these recipes are still being used today and they guarantee the unique taste of Gellwe’s products. In time, the company extended its dessert portfolio by adding items such as instant cakes, icings, creams, baking additives, jellies and other powdered products (cocoa, hot chocolate, etc.), becoming a synonym of the highest quality and good taste in Poland.


Already in the 1990s, Gellwe began its expansion into international markets. Export has had a considerable role in generating company’s revenues as well as future growth. Currently, products of FoodCare are available in many countries in Europe, United States of America, Canada and many Asian countries.

Increased national and foreign demand for GELLWE products brought about the need to considerably increase the company’s production capacities. A new production facility, including office space, was built in 1997 in Zabierzów and the seat of the company was moved there.


A modern logistics center was built next to the plant in 2002, in order to provide the quickest and best quality service to the customers.


In 2003 GELLWE introduced on the market a new energy drink called Tiger Energy Drink which challenged Red Bull’s position in Poland and for years, has been the undisputed leader of the energy drinks segment.


In 2007, the company successfully entered the breakfast cereals market and introduced Fitella cereals. They are packed in small, single-usage packages; thanks to this innovative concept and interesting marketing strategy, in a year since its market debut Fitella became the unquestioned leader in the number of sold packages of cereals. Fitella is brand oriented on health, nutrition,good filling and convenience.


As a result of this dynamic development of the company decided to change its business name from Gellwe to FoodCare. Because we care!


In 2011 the cooperation with brand owner od TIGER brand was terminated. FoodCare immediately builds its own brand of energy drink. The target consumer was young achiever with aspiration. The chosen brand name was BLACK as elegance, luxury and energy. The brand ambassador is Mike Tyson who perfectly represents brand vaues. After 2 years from launch BLACK became volume leader!


To complete the special drinks portfolio FoodCare launched isotonic drink under 4MOVE brand. Wide portfolio, sub-lines of vitamin water and isobars create complete offer for active people. In 2017 special Swiss Vitamin Formula was introduced to fortified the effect of 4MOVE.


In 2011 FoodCare bought still drinks brand FRUGO. In Poland FRUGO is rebel brand, but for all consumer around the world it has 4 siqnificant featurs: over 20% fruit juice content which is close to nectar sector and assure the full taste; mix of 4 different fruits among which one is exotic for Europeans; no preservatives used and – in glass bottle – special tin cap to assure proper closure: you can easily see whether the bottle is properly close.


FoodCare is also the largest manufacturer of private labels in the dessert categories in Central Europe.



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